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U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems Market
Report #A470
- May 2013
151 Pages – 53 Exhibits – 8 Company Profiles

The U.S. market for therapy systems for the treatment of benign uterine conditions has grown significantly over the past decade, reaching nearly $600 million in 2012. This growing medical device market—which includes: global endometrial ablation (GEA) devices, uterine artery embolization (UAE) systems, hysteroscopes and related products, as well as new and innovative single-insertion hysteroscopic morcellator systems—is expected to expand at a healthy compound annual growth rate of approximately 3.8%, growing by more than $100 million over a span of 5 years.

As with many other markets for medical devices, therapy systems for benign uterine conditions have been negatively impacted by the economic recession and resultant loss of employment/income and subsequent postponement of elective procedures among potential patients. Despite a sluggish economy, however, growth in this segment is expected to accelerate at a low to moderate pace throughout the forecast period, as the market benefits from continued favorable clinical outcomes and the adoption of next-generation therapy systems or instruments that facilitate minimally invasive options and/or safer, more effective, cost-effective treatment of benign uterine conditions. Despite the implementation of the medical device excise tax and reimbursement/pricing challenges, healthcare reform and an increase in the covered female patient population is expected to trend to less invasive/costly options such as hysteroscopic resection and GEA procedures. This market may experience a significant increase in procedures near the end of the forecast period covered by this report (should the economy rebound) due to pent-up demand for elective procedures such as the aforementioned treatments.

This dynamic report from Medtech Insight includes analyses of products, markets, competitors, emerging technology and opportunities. Covered products include leading benign uterine therapy devices or systems, specifically global endometrial ablation devices, uterine artery embolization systems, hysteroscopes and related products (including new single-insertion hysteroscopic morcellators), and magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound systems for treating fibroids.

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U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems Market


May 2013


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Reports are produced exclusively by Medtech Insight, through extensive primary and secondary research among the clinicians, researchers, and competitors in the marketplace, and draw upon the industry expertise of a network of industry insiders. Medtech Insight exhaustively corroborates the data as a baseline for completing forward-looking analysis and providing insight into product, technology and market evolution.





i.       Overview of Benign Uterine Conditions and Therapies

ii.       Combined Market Forecast

iii.      Methodology


Exhibit ES-1:    U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems, Combined Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit ES-2:    U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems, Market Forecast, by Product Segment, 2012-2017



1.1 Dilation and Curettage

1.1.1 Procedure Volumes

1.2 Hysterectomy

1.2.1 Procedure Volumes

1.3 Hysteroscopy

1.3.1 Endometrial Ablation

1.3.2 Procedure Volumes

1.4 Myomectomy

1.4.1 Procedure Volumes


Exhibit 1-1:      Dilation and Curettage, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 1-2:      Hysterectomy, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 1-3:      Hysteroscopy, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 1-4:      Myomectomy, Procedure Volumes Forecast, 2012-2017



2.1 Selected Products

2.1.1 Boston Scientific

2.1.2 CooperSurgical/The Cooper Companies

2.1.3 Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson

2.1.4 Hologic


Exhibit 2-1:      2013, Leading Global Endometrial Ablation Products

Exhibit 2-2:      Three-Step Endometrial Ablation Using the Genesys Hydro ThermAblator System

Exhibit 2-3:      The Her Option Cryoablation System

Exhibit 2-4:      The Gynecare ThermaChoice III Uterine Balloon Therapy System in Comparison with Other Thermal Ablation Systems

Exhibit 2-5:      The NovaSure System and Step-by-Step Endometrial Ablation Process

Exhibit 2-6:      Selected Features of the Next-Generation NovaSure System



3.1 Products and Procedure

3.1.1 InSightec Clinical Trials

3.1.2 Philips Healthcare/Royal Philips Electronics Clinical Trials


Exhibit 3-1:      Simple Schematic Illustration of Focused Thermal Energy Technology

Exhibit 3-2:      Uterine Fibroid Treatment Using the ExAblate System

Exhibit 3-3:      Sonalleve Therapy



4.1 Selected Products

4.1.1 Biocompatibles/BTG International

4.1.2 Boston Scientific

4.1.3 CeloNova BioSciences

4.1.4 Merit Medical Systems

4.2 Embolization versus Focused Ultrasound for Fibroid Treatment


Exhibit 4-1:      2013, Selected Embolic Agents Used in Uterine Artery Embolization

Exhibit 4-2:      CeloNova Biosciences’ Embozene Microspheres

Exhibit 4-3:      Merit Medical Systems’ Embosphere Microspheres



5.1 Hysteroscopes and Fibroid Removal Systems

5.1.1 Ethicon/Johnson & Johnson

5.1.2 Gyrus ACMI/Olympus

5.1.3 Hologic

5.1.4 Olympus America/Olympus

5.1.5 Smith & Nephew

5.1.6 KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America/KARL STORZ

5.1.7 Stryker

5.1.8 Richard Wolf Medical Instruments/Richard Wolf

5.2 Uterine Manipulators

5.2.1 ConMed

5.2.2 Cook Medical/Cook Group

5.2.3 Cooper Surgical/The Cooper Companies

5.3 Fluid Management Systems

5.3.1 Davol/C.R. Bard

5.3.2 Gyrus ACMI/Olympus

5.3.3 Hologic

5.3.4 Smith & Nephew

5.3.5 Stryker

5.3.6 Richard Wolf Medical Instruments/Richard Wolf


Exhibit 5-1:      2013, Selected Hysteroscopes and Hysteroscopy Fibroid Removal Systems

Exhibit 5-2:      The Gynecare Versapoint Bipolar Electrosurgery System

Exhibit 5-3:      The Gynecare Morcellex Tissue Morcellator

Exhibit 5-4:      The Gynecare Versascope Hysteroscopy System

Exhibit 5-5:      The PKS PlasmaSORD Bipolar Morcellator

Exhibit 5-6:      The SlimLine Office and USA Series Continuous FlowOperative Hysteroscopes

Exhibit 5-7:      The MyoSure Tissue Removal System

Exhibit 5-8:      The HYF-XP Flexible Hysteroscope

Exhibit 5-9:      The Truclear Hysteroscopic Morcellator

Exhibit 5-10:    The Bettocchi Integrated Office Hysteroscope

Exhibit 5-11:    The Intra-Uterine Bigatti Shaver

Exhibit 5-12:    The Rotocut G1 Morcellator

Exhibit 5-13:    The IDEAL EYES HD CST-5000S Flexible Video Hysteroscope

Exhibit 5-14:    The OptiFLOW Single Sheath Hysteroscope

Exhibit 5-15:    The BipoTrode Bipolar Electrode

Exhibit 5-16:    The VCare Vaginal-Cervical Ahluwalia Retractor/Elevator

Exhibit 5-17:    The Uterine Manipulator Injector

Exhibit 5-18:    The RUMI Advanced Uterine Manipulation System

Exhibit 5-19:    The AquaSens Fluid Monitoring System

Exhibit 5-20:    The Dolphin II Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System

Exhibit 5-21:    The Aquilex Fluid Control System

Exhibit 5-22:    The Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System for Hysteroscopic Morcellation

Exhibit 5-23:    The FluidSafe Fluid Management System



6.1 Global Endometrial Ablation Devices

6.1.1 Market Forecast

6.1.2 Competitive Analysis

6.2 Uterine Artery Embolization Systems

6.2.1 Market Forecast

6.2.2 Competitive Analysis

6.3 Hysteroscopes and Related Products

6.3.1 Market Forecast

6.3.2 Competitive Analysis

6.3.3 Single-Insertion Hysteroscopic Morcellator Systems Market Forecast Competitive Analysis

6.4 Combined Market Forecast


Exhibit 6-1:      Global Endometrial Ablation Devices, Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-2:      2012, Global Endometrial Ablation Device Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 6-3:      Uterine Artery Embolization Systems, Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-4:      2012, Uterine Artery Embolization Systems Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 6-5:      Hysteroscopes and Related Products, Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-6:      2012, Hysteroscopes and Related Products Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 6-7:      Single-Insertion Hysteroscopic Morcellator Systems, Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-8:      2012, Single-Insertion Hysteroscopic Morcellator Systems Market, Share by Supplier

Exhibit 6-9:      U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems, Combined Market Forecast, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-10:    U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems, Market Forecast, by Product Segment, 2012-2017

Exhibit 6-11:    2012, U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems Market, Share of Sales, by Product Segment

Exhibit 6-12:    2017, U.S. Benign Uterine Conditions Therapy Systems Market,  Share of Sales, by Product Segment



7.1       Boston Scientific Corporation

7.2       CeloNova Biosciences, Inc.

7.3       Hologic, Inc.

7.4       InSightec LTD/Elbit Imaging LTD

7.5       Johnson & Johnson

7.6       Philips Healthcare/Royal Philips Electronics NV

7.7       Smith & Nephew PLC

7.8       KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG




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