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Success Stories and Testimonials from IN3 Conferences:

Success Stories:
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"The IN3 Medical Device Summit gave me a chance to meet one-on-one with potential corporate partners as well as several other high-quality investors, which to me represents exceptional value." (IN3 Summit 2009)
John Kraczkowsky
President and CEO

"The IN3 investor conferences deliver a first-class congress at which investors can productively identify advanced medical technologies at various stages of their development." (IN3 Summit 2009)
Jeani Delagardelle
Managing Partner
New Leaf Venture Partners

"We are a repeat sponsor of Elsevier investor conferences. The superior quality of the presenting companies makes IN3 the perfect venue in which to discover potentially blockbuster medical technology. It's also a superbly managed gathering of buyers and sellers of medical technology." (IN3 Summit 2009)
Ann Gaddy
Managing Director
Life Science Angels

"Next to Medica, the In3 Meetings are a dynamic forum for inventors, entrepreneurs, large companies and active investors to meet and to learn about new technologies as well as contemporary investment opportunities. It is a "must attend" for entrepreneurs in order to make important new contacts; and to be face-to-face with key decision makers all under one roof."
Stuart K.J. Smyth
President and CEO
AugmentRx Medical Technologies, Inc.

"In3 provides an excellent opportunity for companies to interact with and present to both venture and corporate investors."
Dr. Josh Makower
Venture Partner

“In3 consistently provides a good venue for entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors to interact on important topics which impact our industry. Beyond providing an opportunity for companies to gain exposure to the venture community, it is a convenient 'watering hole' for med tech executives to find and build new relationships to support their efforts.”
David Milne
Managing Partner
SV Life Sciences Advisers, LLC

"In3 provides an excellent opportunity for companies to interact with and present to both venture and corporate investors."
Dr. Josh Makower
Venture Partner

The companies that are selected to present at Medtech Insight’s conferences offer investors a meaningful opportunity to conduct effective due diligence during a well-orchestrated yet brief time span.
Dr. Raouf Guirguis, Partner
Lamina Equities
Arlington, Virginia

For me, Medtech Insight’s meeting structure is really ideal, because I am able to focus my time and energy on numerous opportunities in just a day and a half—opportunities that otherwise would necessitate considerable effort and expense on my part in order to explore.
Michael Jackson, Managing Director
KeyBanc Capital Markets
Cleveland, Ohio

We are eager to be presenting HydroCision’s opportunities at Medtech Insight’s ‘In Spine & Orthopedics’ conference, which is the only important venue of its kind for high-quality investors interested in this space.
Doug Daniels, CEO
Billerica, Massachusetts

I’ve chosen to attend Medtech Insight’s Boston conference because there’s no doubt it’s a potential treasure trove of cutting-edge medical companies—which is why there’ll be a packed house of investors, because Medtech Insight has a reputation for orchestrating a top-notch event.
Mary Damkot
Sherbrooke Capital

…we are extremely pleased to have been asked by Medtech Insight to present our story to corporate and other investors at the In3 conference in Boston, in October.
Dr. Stephan Rietiker
CEO & Executive Board Member
Intelligent Medical Implants

We are tremendously excited about presenting at Medtech Insight’s first In3 meeting in Europe. We are keenly aware of the fact that Medtech Insight’s In3 conferences not only draw hundreds of high-quality investors, but also pull numerous business development executives from among all of the significant companies in the industry. Thus, it will be a great opportunity for us to impress the right kind of investors.
Jae S. Son, Ph.D.
Medical Tactile

I am attending the first In3 event in Europe because it will include some of the biggest dealmakers in the industry, as well as major medtech, biopharma and biotech companies. Obviously, a superb environment in which to tap into many opportunities about to emerge in the medtech space.
Antoine Papiernik
Managing Partner
Sofinnova Partners

Medtech Insight’s first foray into the European community will showcase technologies and products being developed by emerging companies from Europe, Israel and the U.S.—all of whom are seeking strategic partners and/or investment. Companies and investors alike will benefit.
Berthold Hackl
Managing Partner
Heidelberg Innovation

We are proud to be presenting the SpineVision story at Medtech Insight’s ‘In Spine & Orthopedics’ conference, one of the very best venues in the world at which to interact with quality investors.
Gérard Vanacker
CEO & Founder

It’s been my experience that Medtech Insight conferences draw numerous young companies with impressive technologies and products, companies looking for funding and partners—a perfect market in which business development activities can flourish.
Gary Henley

I can say without equivocation that my attendance at last year’s Medtech Insight conference was the first giant step that led, ultimately, to a major corporate partnership and a very significant deal for us—which would not have happened as easily and quickly otherwise.
Art Wotiz
NovaBone Products

Medtech Insight conferences are by far the premier venue for companies, Wall Street and medical technology entrepreneurs to interface and form enduring and successful relationships.
Robin R. Young, CFA
Founder and President
Robin Young Consulting Group

We are very much looking forward to presenting at Medtech Insight’s first In3 meeting in Brussels. Medtech Insight’s In3 conferences always attract top-shelf investors, including business development executives from major companies in the industry. We fully expect to attract meaningful attention from investors at the Brussels venue.
Nick Yeo
President & CEO
Vascular Reconditioning

Medtech Insight’s investor conference format provides a well-organized process, if you will, in which to explore numerous possibilities. In one place you can find dozens of potentially disruptive technologies, and readily determine which ones intersect with your investment objectives.
Chris Stenzel
Sr. Vice President
Kaiser Permanente Ventures

I participate at Medtech Insight meetings as an end-user hospital that is looking to stay at the cutting-edge of upcoming breakthroughs in medical technology. My organization has purchased several technologies based on information I obtained through Medtech Insight meetings.
Joyce Chavez, R.N.
Clinical Resource Manager
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

I find Medtech Insight’s meetings to be an efficient use of my time and a wonderful collection of exciting emerging technologies and companies that really have a chance to be great some day. The quality of attendees is always outstanding and makes for a rich environment to examine many possibilities with the key decision makers.
Andrew Cone
General Partner
Volant Ventures

Based upon past experience we deliberately built our financing strategy around the Medtech Insight meetings. The audience consistently includes very high quality VC participation as well as very relevant Corporate participation. Both resulted in important contacts for AST. The end result was that we closed on our B round faster than anticipated with outstanding investors. I am always impressed with both the attendees and the superb organization of these meetings and very appreciative of what Medtech Insight has contributed to our success.
Thomas E. Wood
President & CEO
Applied Spine Technologies

I like the format in which Medtech Insight organizes its investor meetings. Giving 50 companies 10 minutes each to persuade me that they have something with large commercial potential is appealing. And I’m glad Medtech Insight is now also orchestrating topic-oriented meetings.
Dr. Wei Li
Baird Venture Partners

I have found that Medtech Insight meetings are a great forum in which to get up close and personal with potentially great companies if I choose. Lots of great opportunities are placed in front of me in just a day and a half, thus maximizing my deal-screening efficiency.
Timothy Petersen
Managing Partner
Arboretum Ventures

I look forward to attending Medtech Insight’s conferences because I know that in a short period of time, I can evaluate a significant number of companies presenting their story. I have little time, but Medtech Insight provides the opportunity to vet a lot of ideas.
Renee Compton Ryan
Managing Director
Broadview International

Medtech Insight meetings are absolutely among the very best in the life sciences industry. I am impressed with the quality of investors who attend and am eagerly looking forward to presenting at the upcoming San Francisco meeting.
Stan Yakatan
Chairman & CEO
Grant Life Sciences

I have found that Medtech Insight’s conferences are packed with some very interesting emerging companies, who get the opportunity to be courted one-on-one by some of the biggest companies in the medtech industry. If you’re an emerging company looking to partner with an established company, Medtech Insight’s meetings are certainly the place to be.
John H. Icardi
Strategic Business Works

We are excited at the prospect of presenting our story at this unique ‘in circulation’ investor conference and meeting the many multinational medtech companies known to go fishing in the Medtech Insight waters.
Harold H. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.

Medtech Insight’s conferences give me the opportunity to quickly identify companies that could be of interest to our firm, and then qualify them further by being able to see them ‘up close’ as it were during the breakout sessions. In short, over a very brief period of time I can determine which companies might be truly of interest to us without expending a lot of time and expense.
Dr. Alan Kaganov
U.S. Venture Partners

Medtech Insight’s conferences are run in an extremely efficient manner. As an investor, I greatly appreciate the quantity and quality of the emerging companies that are invited to present at these conferences. Above all, I have found the Medtech Insight staff to be always professional and very helpful. I recommend their conferences as a great value.
Serafin Samson
Sr. Associate
Affinity Capital Management

Medtech Insight provides the best way I know to rapidly review investment opportunities and get a good sense of where the whole medical technology world is moving. Companies can be heard in the context of competing technologies, and the format allows investors to get a quick overview of a new company and then meet the management team to drill as deep as you’d like to.
Lorelei D. Davis, Ph.D.
Frantz Medical Ventures

Medtech Insight has a long and strong track record of orchestrating successful conferences in which everyone benefits: investors, emerging companies and business development execs from the larger medtech companies.
Bruce E. Roberts
Managing Director
Roberts Mitani

One of the things I kept hearing about Medtech Insight conferences was that they attract a really first-rate cadre of young companies looking for money and partners. I have certainly found this to be true. It’s a fabulous opportunity to network and meet with emerging medtech companies.
Christopher Wagner
KPMG Corporate Finance

The Medtech Insight In3 conferences are certainly a great way for me to meet a high number of promising new companies in a relatively short period of time. In fact, I’ve generated lots of great leads as a direct result of these conferences, and I will continue to attend.
Bijan Salehizadeh, M.D.
Healthcare Investor
Highland Capital Partners

Medtech Insight’s conferences provide me with a great opportunity to gain exposure in a relatively short period of time to interesting investment opportunities and to connect with others in the industry to discuss developing issues in the medical device industry.
Adele Cirone Oliva
Healthcare Investor
Apax Partners

Given the very robust and ongoing interest from investors since our presentation at Medtech Insight’s conference in Boston in October, we are naturally looking forward to the opportunity of again presenting the BioniCare story to hundreds more investors at the In3 Irvine conference in February.
Thomas M. Zizic, M.D.
President & CEO
BioniCare Medical Technologies

What I appreciate about the Medtech Insight conferences is that they are an extremely efficient cradle of first-rate investment possibilities. I also value the fact that these conferences are extremely well-organized. For these reasons, I always look forward to attending.
Paul Badawi
Kauffman Fellow
3i Group

Medtech Insight conferences are a wonderful source of potential winners in leading-edge medical technologies. I imagine these conferences are always well-attended because insiders know it is a superb venue in which to inspect many novel investment opportunities at one time.
Hideki Mitani
Managing Director
Roberts Mitani

I make it a point to attend Medtech Insight’s conferences because I can efficiently validate what I know to be at the cutting-edge in medical technology. I must maximize the time I spend staying on top of emerging companies, and Medtech Insight meetings make it simple for me to do so.
Jeffrey Barnes
General Partner
Oxford Bioscience Partners

Given the significant investor interest we had from our participation in the Medtech Insight conference in Boston in October, we are very pleased to have been selected by Medtech Insight to again present the NovoSci story to corporate and other leading investors at the next In3 conference in Irvine, in February.
Michael J. Sorna
President & CEO

Medtech Insight’s conferences have filled a real void for the investment community by providing a first-class forum for early-stage companies to get in front of VCs and corporate investors. This is a great opportunity to evaluate a broad array of innovative medical technology companies at one event.
Christopher Wagner
KPMG Corporate Finance

Medtech Insight conferences attract high-caliber companies, so it gives me a rare chance to see dozens of potentially outstanding investment opportunities in just a day and a half. I know I’ll be making maximum good use of my time by attending a Medtech Insight meeting.
Chris Stenzel
Sr. Vice President
Kaiser Permanente Ventures

There are more and more investor conferences being offered, so I have to be selective. Medtech Insight’s are at the top of my list. I get great value for my investment of time and money: top-shelf emerging companies presenting in the kind of environment that allows me to engage them in a meaningful manner if I choose.
John Deedrick
Managing Director
Accuitive Medical Ventures

I recently attended my first Medtech Insight meeting. In just two days I got a comprehensive education about what’s at the leading-edge in medical technology. Equally important, I got the opportunity to get a feel for the management of the companies in which I was interested. I highly recommend Medtech Insight’s conferences.
Jeanne Cunicelli
Bay City Capital Partners

Medtech Insight’s conferences have proved to be a critically important showcase for our opportunities.
Kirt Kirtland
President & CEO
Starion Instruments

Medtech Insight’s conferences have plugged a huge hole for private and corporate investors by orchestrating exceptional opportunities for emerging companies to get noticed. This is a fantastic chance for our company to appraise an extensive number of potential suitors at just a single event.
Dr. Said Jahanmir
President & CEO

We presented our story at a Medtech Insight conference in October 2001, where we began dialogues with VCs. We got our first term sheet the following spring and series ‘A’ funding shortly thereafter. There’s no doubt Medtech Insight helped us then, so we’re presenting again, in Boston, as we organize our series ‘B’ funding.
Larry Blankenship
President & CEO

The Boston conference in October will be our second Medtech Insight conference to date. Our first experience—at the Medtech Insight conference held in San Francisco in June—was a very positive one, in which we were able to receive the focused attention of key active investors and business development execs.
Eric K. Mangiardi
President & CEO

We are extremely proud to have been selected by Medtech Insight to present the CoreValve story to corporate and other select investors at the upcoming In3 conference in Boston, in October.
Jacques Seguin, M.D., Ph.D.

Medtech Insight’s conferences provide young companies with a major league venue in which to engage corporate investors and business development executives in meaningful one-on-one discussions. No doubt, opportunities are rich for everyone at Medtech Insight conferences.
Kevin Xie
Director, New Business Development
Self-Testing Segment, Bayer HealthCare

I have always found it worthwhile to attend a Medtech Insight conference. They are well-organized and regularly help me to identify equity opportunities with emerging companies that I do not see at most sell-side investor conferences.
Bruce E. Roberts
Managing Director
Roberts Mitani

I make it my business to attend many of the major investment banking-orchestrated conferences around the country and throughout the year. I have found the level of quality emerging companies at Medtech Insight’s conferences to be every bit as top-shelf as those I’ve seen at the conferences which are ‘household names.’
Daniel Owczarski
Belmont Harbor Capital

We were very pleased with the enthusiasm investors shared with us at the recent Medtech Insight conference in Irvine, California, where we presented the OmniCorder story.....
Mark A. Fauci
President & CEO
OmniCorder Technologies

Participating in a Medtech Insight conference presents young companies with a truly unique opportunity to engage investors and business development executives in one-on-one dialogues.
Douglas E. King

Medtech Insight’s conferences provide a serious venue for early-stage companies to validate their market opportunities and the partners and investors behind them.
Alice A. Jacobs
Intelligent Medical Devices

We chose Medtech Insight for our ‘coming out’ party because we knew that in one fell swoop we would be able to tell our story to hundreds of quality investors, as well as potential corporate partners.
Kim Halvorson

For emerging companies looking to conserve cash while seeking to raise millions of dollars, Medtech Insight’s conferences provide maximum exposure for comparatively minimum cost.
Joseph R. Flicek
Supertron Technologies

... we have been extremely pleased with the significant level of interest we’ve fostered as a direct result of our participation in Medtech Insight conferences, which have provided us with direct access to high-level business development executives in the industry. No doubt, participation at Medtech Insight’s conferences has put us on the map.
Jeffery J. Sheldon
President & CEO
IDev Technologies

Medtech Insight’s unique format provides us with a novel opportunity to meet with a tremendous number of cutting-edge medical device companies over a very short period of time.
Robin K. VanderMolen
Vice President
Thoma Cressey Equity Partners

Medtech Insight’s meetings are among the very best out there, a wonderful tool for people like me, who work to bring new companies and new technologies together with investors and corporate partners.
Andrew Cone
General Partner
Volant Ventures

Medtech Insight’s conferences provide us with a great way to meet the entrepreneurs and management teams behind the next generation of innovative medical technology companies.
Robert Higgins
Managing General Partner
Highland Capital Partners

Medtech Insight’s conferences are loaded with opportunities for investors. As an analyst and a fund manager, I greatly appreciate finding so many potential diamonds in one rough.
David H. Talbot
HealthVest Advisors

We’ll absolutely be participating at the next Medtech Insightconference…. Our experience at Medtech Insight’s San Francisco conference… was fabulous. In the meeting room, 300 attendees heard Xillix’s story and nearly 30 investors attended our breakout session. It was probably the best investor meeting we’ve ever participated in.
Cynthia Roney
President & CEO
Xillix Technologies

Medtech Insight’s meetings are certainly a superb source of deals involving state-of-the-art technologies. That’s why they’re always so well-attended: investors know it’s a great place to shop for fresh ideas.
Sharon Stevenson
Domain Associates

Medtech Insight’s conferences afford us an extraordinary market place in which to screen valuable opportunities. No doubt, these Medtech Insight conferences certainly attract a broad selection of emerging companies.
Dr. Alan Kaganov
U.S. Venture Partners

We have dialogues under way with potential investors and negotiations under way with potential partners. Attending the Medtech Insight conferences has really put us on the map fast.
Dr. Toomas Neuman

Because Medtech Insight’s conferences are so concentrated, it’s an efficient way for us to learn about this space, meet the management teams we choose to meet and source the kinds of deals we like.
Joel Uchenick
Sherbrooke Capital

We’re constantly looking to invest in companies, or distribute for them, or license their technology. Medtech Insight conferences allow us to see many great companies, all in one shot. That’s quality time!
Elizabeth Routson
Edwards Lifesciences  

Medtech Insight does a great job at identifying emerging companies in the medtech sector. Their conferences represent an excellent venue for investors to keep abreast of this important space.
Geoff Pardo
Cardinal Partners

Medtech Insight’s conferences are extraordinarily fast-paced. In a short period of time, just a day and a half, you’re exposed to a huge number of highly qualified medical technology companies.
Dr. J. Frederick Cornhill
General Partner
Frantz Medical Ventures

Medtech Insight conferences are a very efficient source of numerous quality investment opportunities. In addition, all aspects of these conferences are extremely well-organized.
Mark G. Frantz
Frantz Medical Development

It's a great forum at which to meet VCs, a very professional setting. It was also an opportunity for new VCs who had never heard of Biowave to hear our story and then come to the breakout room and get interested and start a conversation with me. Medtech Insight's got a really good thing going here for emerging medtech companies.
Bradford E. Siff
President, CEO & Founder

Medtech Insight conferences provide an ideal forum for early-stage medical companies—not only to be exposed to the investor community, but also to have an opportunity to meet with the right investors, face to face.
Dr. Shahram Hejazi
President & CEO
Zargis Medical  

I’ve been consistently impressed with the makeup of the audiences at Medtech Insight’s conferences. They routinely attract active members of the investment community, as well as new-business development executives from the leading medical device companies. Every time I’ve presented, we’ve added to our list of quality contacts.
George Oram
President & CEO
Tissue Transformation Technologies

I’ve been associated with many companies that have presented at Medtech Insight conferences. It’s the single-best forum for young companies looking to interact with serious investors.
Michael R. Henson
Founder & Chairman

The Medtech Insight conference series not only attracts senior representatives of major firms, but they do so in all the key regions of the country, supported by a professional and friendly staff, with a single-session format that doesn’t force investors to pick between two or more parallel tracks. All of this means greater visibility and higher ROI for the entrepreneur.
Dr. Matthew Hanson
Vice President
Integrated Medical Systems

Medtech Insight’s events rank as a great source for deals, technologies and state-of-the-art information about various areas of medical technology. Their meetings are always well-attended.
Allan May
Angel Investor
Tenex Medical Investors

These Medtech Insight venues are an ideal vehicle for strategic business development executives to identify some of the more promising medical technologies that are emerging.
Stephanie Chiang
Head of New Ventures

Medtech Insight’s conferences provide us with a tremendous forum to tap into really valuable opportunities emerging in medical technology, because they attract a great group of innovative new companies.
John F. Ryan
JPMorgan Partners

Medtech Insight’s emerging medical technology events are unique because they consistently draw a high caliber audience: entrepreneurs, investors and business development executives.
Thomas Fogarty, M.D.
Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur
Three Arch Partners

I consistently find that Medtech Insight conferences are an excellent platform for cross-pollination of ideas, strategic alliances and, of course, potential funding − in other words, one-stop shopping for mission-critical partnering and financing activities.  ... the format Medtech Insight uses at their conferences is very effective. In our case, two venture capitalists were particularly interested, both of whom followed up − one of them by phone the next day, who is now conducting advanced due diligence for an investment of approximately $5 million. That's a very good place for us to be right now, thanks to the Medtech Insight conference.
Ronny Ginor, M.D.
TransScan Medical

Medtech Insight’s meetings are by far the best forum we’ve found to get the attention of serious investors and strategic partners. If you are a lifescience company seeking funding or visibility in the biomedical device community, this is the place to be.
Mike Weiner
Biophan Technologies

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